Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Winter Sketchbook

Hello all!

It's been so long since I've updated and so much has happened since I passed the portfolio review last October. I didn't quite know where to begin posting again so I will just start with what happened directly after- The Winter Sketchbook!

Some context: After passing the initial part of the review to get into SJSU's Animation/Illustration Program, the final part is to complete a minimum of 80 sketchbook pages during the following break (Summer or Winter).

To make up for not blogging in so long, I've decided to make this a mega-blog post complete with photos as my friends and I sketched and traveled around the Bay Area.

Here are some of my favorite pages and spreads along with some memories c:

Me and Don drinking our very first famous Christmas in the Park Hot Cocoas!

Red Rock Canyon

I was restless during our family trip in Las Vegas so my mom drove me out of the city and into the canyons!

A moment of appreciating air-conditioning before heading back into the desert.

Don and I went to see the INCREDIBLE Anders Zorn exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

Don and my first time at the CA Academy of Sciences! Don likes to explain science-y things and I was just excited to explore everything and see reindeer c:

Jasmine, Chi, and I went to paint in Stanford before having some fun at Ikea!

My second trip to the CA Academy of Sciences. This time with Sami, Anna, Grace, and Chi!

My cute friends!

Don's younger brother, Dan let me paint his engine after we salvaged it from the wrecked MR-2.

This winter, I also had the amazing opportunity to work again with and learn a lot more from a former professor of mine, Inga Poslitur during her 3-day workshop in San Francisco.

Day One.

Taking selfies and sketching commuters on our way to SF!

Painting masks and sculptures at the De Young Museum.

Day Two.

The cityscape near The Painted Ladies.

At the top of Alamo Square Park, there was a dog park! Here is Inga taking a photo of Patch and a friendly stranger. The man in the back was a dog-walker taking care of 20+ dogs!

Costumed figure drawing with Inga's friend, Kanako

Day Three.

Morning selfie on our last workshop day

Experimenting with vertical format c:

Painting train with Inga, Grace, Sam, and Matt.

Family style c:

The basement of City Lights Bookstore

We spotted a Banksy!

Beautiful SF

Caught a shot of a beautiful alleyway on our way to the bakery

Cafe Sketching at La Boulange


A special piece of Anna's sketchbook

Boba party before our commute back to SJ!

The Leyendecker exhibit at the Haggin Museum.

Team Pizza Pants!!!

Matt being Matt.

Anna doodled our team for our lovely waitress!

Ending our trip at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet & Ice Cream Shop

The entrance to the Japanese Friendship Garden

Some studies from the super inspiring Tyrus Wong exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Me and my passengers!

Tyrus Wong with his handmade kites

Anna's doodle we left in the exhibit guestbook

After the museum, we celebrated the completion of our sketchbooks at the pier!

Selfie with the grizzly bear statue at the SF Zoo! Little did I know, I would be visiting the bear sisters every weekend in the spring!

 The day we submitted our winter sketchbooks! It was a truly unforgettable, wonderful journey!

Thanks for stopping by!

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