Monday, July 1, 2013

What I've been doing lately

Here are my figure drawings of the past 2 years. I figured (hehe) I should just get past this daunting task now and sort through them early to prep for portfolio review in the fall. I separated the poses into several different pages and I packed each page as much as I could so I can pick and choose which drawings I want with ease when the time comes. 

2 hours to sort; 1.5 hours to photograph; 2.5 hours to crop & export the photos; still editing.
1 minute poses.

3 full pages of 2 minute poses o___o;

Guh my eyes hurt so I will attempt the longer poses another day.

Thanks for dropping by <3


  1. thanks, Diem! it means a whole lot >u<!

  2. You should put that one drawing of the naked person in your portfolio. it's pretty good.

  3. Thanks for the advice, Jeremy! I'll be sure to do so! :D