Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello blog,

It's really been quite a while. I've been meaning to get back on this thing so here I am informing you that I was selected to attend a Bill Perkins workshop this weekend and it starts tomorrow morning (/ today)! I am veeery nervous, but mostly excited! This will be my first time painting in oils so I can only hope the medium is kind to me. I think I'm the only one of the selected who hasn't passed the portfolio review yet and that's what's making me feel super intimidated. I just need to make the most of this experience (and money), have confidence in my abilities, learn as much as I can, and do my very best!

Here I go!



  1. You'll do great, Darlene! Good luck and have lots and lots of fun!!!

  2. ;U; Thank you for the support, Lancing!! <33 I had tons and tons of fun! ^__^ I can't wait for us to go painting together this summer :D